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Thinking About Selling?

Here Are A Few Of The First Steps

1. What Is Your Motivation?

There are lots of reasons you might consider selling your home. Maybe you are outgrowing the space, maybe it's too much space, maybe you've inherited a property you don't need, maybe you just really want that backyard you've never had. Your motivating factor is going to be key in making this worthwhile to you and your situation. Selling comes with a lot of moving parts, so the next step is crucial to your peace of mind throughout!

2. Choose The
Right Agent

We are thankful you are here considering our team! Having an expert by your side who is actively engaged in the market is exactly what will set you up for success when selling your home. There are many moving pieces in a home sale and most of them happen before we even have your home on the market! Researching your immediate area, the current competition, past sales, and what makes your home the winner is what we do best. With our insight on the real estate market and experience with buyers looking right now, we are ready to guide and assist you in what your steps should be to get your home ready to list!

3. Put Away Your Personal Items & Spruce Things Up A Bit

We hire a stager at no cost to our sellers, providing insight from a professional on what works and what doesn't. Something that may not be realized until it's too late, is that seeing personal photos on the walls or hygiene products in the bathroom is fine when we are visiting friends, but seeing those things in a home for sale might make it more difficult for a potential buyer to envision their family living there. Our expert stager shares her tips and tricks on how to make the most out of what you already own! A coat of fresh paint and some bright flowers in a vase can really make a difference in what the buyers remember about your home. We can help advise you on how to make the most out of your budget, too!

4. Marketing Your Home

Once our professional photographer has sent us the photos, it's time for us to market the your home to prospective buyers. When you list with us, your home goes live to our worldwide Keller Williams Listing System which sends your home's information and photos to 76,000 websites instantly. Your home can be found through 350 of the web's most popular search engines. You can be assured that your home will be seen and the right buyer will find it!


We'd love to start working with you today!

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