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Erik M. Sanchez

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Having lived in the area since I was 3, I have enjoyed getting to know everything about Hampton Roads! We have lived on The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Newport News before making the move up to Gloucester. Every city here has something unique to offer from amusement parks, historical sites, to relaxing beaches and everything in between!

Coming from a different country to Virginia at such a young age has given me insight on all the opportunities there are in the area. After the birth of our son and daughter I realized it was time to start making an impact on our surrounding communities in order for our kids to grow up in a place with endless possibilities. This led me down the path of leaving my many years in the Aerospace Industry behind as I found myself being called to help others in their real estate journey. After succeeding in real estate independently, I chose to partner with a client-centric individual, leading me to join Prospera Real Estate Group. Our professional service is important, but making sure our clients are treated with genuine care and authenticity is most important. If you ask any of my previous clients, they would tell you that I have become more of a friend than anything else and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Coming from a family with such a strong work ethic has given me the commitment, drive, and hard work needed to help my clients reach their real estate goals. I believe that everyone has the right to own something that they can call their own. With my commitment, drive, and knowledge, I am confident I can help guide our clients through that process smoothly.

I am a very family oriented individual so in my time off i love spending it with our families, enjoying each other's company. This area really gives us the opportunity to do everything we love doing like hikes, beach days, amusement park rides, and our favorite which is trying out different foods from all cultures!

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